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The schedule of "international forum on aluminum packaging and sustainability" is finalised - to be held at the Shanghai aluminum fair on 10 July!For free!
2019-12-17 15:18:25
Aluminum packaging will also play a bigger role in China's economic transformation from high-speed development to higher quality, better efficiency and more sustainable development.In particular, aluminum will be an excellent choice for packaging materials in terms of tackling plastic waste pollution, reducing resource consumption, ensuring food safety and reducing food waste. However, the sustainability of aluminum packaging has been questioned for a number of reasons.This has also restricted the wider application of aluminum packaging to a certain extent, and the industry is facing new challenges in the new situation.To this end, with aluminous enterprise and aluminous packing material give priority to the enterprise of relevant industrial chain, pass oneself diligently, improve level of responsible production, responsible purchase and enterprise management ceaselessly, raise responsibility ability, raise aluminous and aluminous packing material sustainability.At the same time, the global aluminum initiative is being implemented and advanced to address sustainability issues and to maximize aluminum's contribution to sustainable societies.As the largest aluminum industry exhibition platform in China, China international aluminum industry exhibition will send out one voice on behalf of the industry through aluminum packaging and sustainability forum on July 10, 2019: green aluminum packaging, help sustainable development -- aluminum care for the future!


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