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No white pollution: New York has banned foaming cutlery!
2019-12-17 15:33:22
New York City's ban on the use, sale or supply of disposable foamed polystyrene as tableware took effect on July 1, foreign media reported.Foamed tableware was banned after the government gave restaurants a six-month transition period. Styrofoam includes single-use cups, bowls, plates, takeout containers and trays, as well as Styrofoam containing polystyrene for raw fish. Foamed tableware is a kind of light material made by heating polystyrene with foaming agent, which is widely used in catering and take-out industry containers. New York City currently handles about 23,000 tons of plastic foam or trash a year and spends about $310 million burying more than three million tons.After the ban, the city recommended that manufacturers and consumers use alternatives that include paper, plastic, aluminum and biodegradable ingredients. More than 70 cities in Washington, d.c., San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and California have also banned foamed plastics.


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